About Hip Hop Abs

Hip Hop Abs ProgramHip Hop Abs is a breakthrough home fitness program by Shawn T. and Beachbody. Each workout is jam-packed with fat-burning dance moves set to the hottest hip hop music.

You’ll learn Shawn’s “Tilt, Tuck & Tighten” technique for six-pack abs, guaranteed to burn the fat off your entire body! And if you can’t dance — don’t worry! Shawn will show you each of the moves step-by-step and have you on your way to a hot new body in no time.

You’ll also discover exclusive training techniques that target your lower abs, upper abs, and obliques while you burn fat. Just tilt, tuck and tighten for a flat, sexy midsection.

This is definitely not your mama’s aerobic video. You’ll start burning calories and shedding fat in record time with these fun, hip dance moves set to the same hot music you hear on the radio.

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